Farm to Fork: Inchworm Microgreens

By Corinna Borden

Brian Steinberg is a man of many interests and many talents – among them a chef, a cooking instructor, a TV producer, a student and a microgreen farmer. This is the first summer of his backyard farm, Inchworm Microgreens. He inaugurated his sprout trays last year at the HomeGrown Festival and fully launched his microgreen cultivation this spring in anticipation of market clientele at the Westside Farmers Market.
Borden - sunflower microgreens with eggs
What is a microgreen, you may ask? It is exactly what it sounds like – the first tender stalk of a plant, when the first two leaves (the cotyledon leaves, thank you Master Gardener Classes) and perhaps a few more are emerging from the plant. It is different from a sprout because you do not eat the root – microgreens are grown in trays of soil or a special growing medium; they are a cut stem and leaves. Like sprouts, they are packed with nutrition.

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