Our Story – Our Passion

The Westside Farmers’ Market was founded in 2005 by a group of volunteers within the Ann Arbor community who are passionate about putting great, local food into the hands of as many local residents as possible. It is their vision and labor of love to be a community location available to small businesses. Predominantly of a farming and food nature, our vendors interact directly with their consumers to enrich the local food economy. The excitement and passion is palpable in the air as one steps foot into the market area. The market currently hosts 5-8 vendors each week, all with an interest in delivering a superb product across a human connection.

Today it remains a mostly volunteer endeavor. The market provides customers with the best local products available, sold to the consumer directly from the hands of the producer. The market also serves as a catalyst for community development in three main efforts.1)Offering a family event through weekly entertainment and demonstrations that spark creativity. 2) Providing an educational component for local food sponsored by our vendors and local organizations. 3)Supporting local business by gathering interesting vendors in a single location that inspire the community to shop their wares.

The Westside Farmers’ Market is committed to bringing fresh, local food to all members of our community. The market is a true family event, where parents can bring their children after school or work to meet and shop for fresh produce. Connections between neighbors are made or solidified, and friendly well-trained dogs are common company every week. Each season we strive to find new ways to energize the community on Ann Arbor’s west side. Come by and see your neighbors’ labors of love for yourself!


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