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June 5 - September 25, 2014!


Capella Farm

         Tucked away at the end of a dirt path just off of Zeeb road is Capella Farms. Run by Jennifer Kangas and a small crew of dedicated farmers, Capella is about as pastoral a farm as you can get. Rolling into the driveway, you are immediately greeted by the clucks of young, vibrant chickens just out of your right passenger window.  Flanking your left are seemingly endless rows of leafy greens guarding three lofty greenhouses. Tucked away inside are extensive varietals of heirloom tomatoes, precious cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, and cucumbers galore.

Dyer Family Organic Farm

Dyer Family Organic Farm


            You haven’t truly discovered passion until you’ve had a conversation with Dick and Diana Dyer. As co-owners of the Dyer Family Organic Farm, this lively couple grows over forty varieties of garlic on their Ann Arbor farm. Yes you heard that right, forty varieties of garlic. Bet you didn’t even know that many varieties of garlic even existed—I know I didn’t.

Pregitzer Farm

Pregitzer Farms


Pulling up to Pregitzer Farm out in Munith, MI, the first thing that struck me was the pure sound of silence pervading the landscape. Finally, I could hear myself think for a second without being interrupted by honking cars, the bustle of pedestrians, and the daily grind of city life. While only a mere 40 minutes from Ann Arbor, I felt like I had been transported a thousand miles away.  

Senna Prairie Farm

Senna Prairie Farm

Westside Farmer’s Market Gains Non-Profit Status

After possibly the most frigid, ever fluctuating, and downright frustrating winter Michigan has seen in a while, we are finally in the home stretch towards Spring. This means—if we get lucky—warmer temperatures, light jackets, fresh flowers, outdoor activity, and, perhaps most exciting, fresh local produce from the Westside Farmer’s Market. Although shopping days won’t be in full swing until June 5th, a recent piece of news regarding the status of the market carries with it exciting opportunities for Ann Arbor at large.

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