CSA – Slow Food for Your Busy Life

Maybe you’ve heard of a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture), maybe not.  They are a great idea for those of us that love great food and lead busy lifestyles.  Here’s why.  You invest a portion of your grocery budget up front to a local farmer.  This is important to them as it helps them to balance the costs of the beginning of the season, (income is limited and costs are high at the beginning of the season).  In turn they provide you with a box of handpicked vegetables each week.  Here’s the part that makes the most sense to me.  You are getting a wide variety of vegetables in reasonable amounts without all of the packaging that comes with a grocery store purchase.  You are also supporting local agriculture, which is a key element to the health of our planet and local economy.  Speaking of supporting your local economy, you can pick up your extremely fresh vegetables plucked straight from the field and purchase your meat, eggs, cheese, bread and other basics as you need them right at the market.  We also have the little extra items available as well.  Mindo Chocolate, locally roasted coffee, specialty nut butters and jams, and some pre-prepared items (using farm fresh ingredients) from Harvest Kitchen fill in the gaps in your cupboard, fridge, and freezer.  Here’s a quick break down on what’s available for CSAs.

6 Great CSA options to choose from:

Pregitzer Farm offers a full share at 395, a half share at 250, and a half share every other week at 155.  Their share runs from July 14th – October 5th.  Check out the blog Maddie LaKind wrote up on this farm at our website   http://www.westsidefarmersmarket.com/blog Wade offers some unique items such as melons and potted herb plants.

Senna Prairie Farm offers a 10 week share for $300.  Joseph brings you the classic vegetables greens, turnips, radishes, zucchini, beets, and the like.  You can also read more about Senna Prairie Farm on the website.

Miller’s Country Acres, Amish farmers with great integrity of product.  They are sure to share samples with me every week, and I am always happy to accept that kindness.  395 for their share available at market each week through the summer. www.capellafarm.com

Capella Farms is a brand new farm to our market.  They started last week.  They are offering a 600 share which is prorated at 35/week for late joiners.  They also offer fall, winter, and spring sessions.

Dyer Family Organic Farm – all garlic all summer.  $100 member fee gets you a $110 credit for anything they sell at market over the course of the summer.  40+ varieties of garlic and specialty vinegars and farm raised honey while supplies last.  http://www.dyerfamilyorganicfarm.com

Locavorious will be at market in September to sell their winter shares of farm fresh foods that they have frozen at the peak of ripeness.  It’s 220 for a monthly share available for pickup at Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market, Corner Brewery, Morgan & York, Pure Pastures, and Washtenaw Food Hub. http://www.locavorious.com

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